What is burnout?

Burnout is characterized by a general state of exhaustion. Whether it's physical, mental or emotional, the individual feels empty and incapable of recovering in the short term.

What should one do when burned out or at risk of burnout?

Although it may seem difficult, it is important to discuss the situation with close friends or colleagues in order to adjust your daily routine and find time for yourself. In any case, don't hesitate to contact us - we will do all we can to help you to improve your situation!

How can be sure of the quality of the test?

The content of was created by researchers who studied at some of the most prestigious universties in the world (e.g. Stanford, UCL). These researchers are specialised in behavioural science and psychology and focus specifically on professional burnout.

How will I benefit from the final test result?

The result provided at the end of the test does not serve any medical purpose and simply provides valuable information. Burnout cannot be fully analysed in a simple test - to fully understand the condition, it is important to consult a specialist.