Our training course in burnout management

Created by renowned researchers, specialists in professional and family burnout.

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Many specialists note that the appearance of a professional burnout is often coupled with a family burnout and vice versa. In addition, these two forms of burnout are often confused by patients.
However, few professionals are trained to manage both forms of burnout!

You are a professional in the management of burnout (psychologist, psychiatrist, doctor, coach, social worker or nurse) ?
You meet in your practice:
• More and more burnout clients ?
• Burnout symptoms that exceed your current skills? (the extension of burnout to the family sphere for example)
• A feeling of misunderstanding in the face of the complexity of this problem ?
• A need for tools to think but also to act ?

In other words, you are looking for a complete training that allows you to handle ALL burnout situations ?

After a very successful training session in Belgium, the Burnout Academy arrives in France!

We offer you:

• The first training in Europe to target both professional and parental burnout,
• 15 full days of training from January to June 2020,
• A unique certification,
• High level trainers from the academic world :

Moïra Mikolajczak, Marc Loriol, Diane Godin, Isabelle Roskam, Nora Sadeki, Marie Bayot, Christel Petitcollin, François Meynant, Pierre-Eric Sutter, Florence Stinglhamber, Magali Combal, Marina Blanchart, Nicolas Favez, Laurence Haurat, Alexandra Jacobs, Catherine Borie ...

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Training dates :

January 16/17/18, January 24/25, March 13/14, March 27/28, Mai 15/16, June 05/06, June 19/20 à Paris

Feel free to contact us for more information and to register for the training!

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